May 26, 2011

Mapalim Apprenticeship

Gunpowder and Glitter is a part of an Apprentice Programme that helps set out to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities through the provision of high quality, creative and innovative activities, projects, programmes and services.

An Apprenticeship with Mapalim will not only provide you with work experience that is a must when applying for jobs, but a recognised qualification and a salary. Mapalim’s Apprenticeships are a combination of learning with working in a professional environment.

For more information, please check out the Mapalim Apprenticeship website here!

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May 20, 2011

A Day at Greenwich Market

The Team had a very lovely day at Greenwich Market yesterday and managed to sell some of our products (hooray!)
We're still going to continue to sell our products online and hopefully next week, we'll be selling at the Market again!

Here are a few photo's from Greenwich :-)

May 19, 2011

Selling on the Market!

Today some members of our team got up nice and early to sell some of our products at Greenwich Market!
A good news for us as we are slowly climbing up our success ladders and hopefully soon, we'll be more recognised and more people can purchase our products!

We've also been thinking of more ways to how we can expand our business and we have came up with a lot of great ideas.

And that great ideas are.....

Oh no, you just have to keep watching out! :-)

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May 06, 2011

Promote, promote, promote!

As we extend to promote our business, we have created our own Tumblr page to get more noticed.
Please check out our Tumblr and other sites on the links provided!

May 05, 2011

Street Party and Upcoming Items

During the Street Party that was held after the Royal Wedding, we have managed to sell a couple of our products and have gotten more people to notice us. We are still working really hard to sell as much of our products as possible!

But other than that, we have been creating new ideas as to what else our customers and future customers would want, so that we could reach your expectations of our products.

We are close to finally putting up our new products on our websites, so check/follow us on our websites below!

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Have a good week!

April 28, 2011

It’s the Royal Wedding tomorrow and we would like all of you to check out (and buy) our Royal Wedding Invite Shirt!

But as for the other shirts, we have received more Magic Touch paper, which we will then print out more of our designs, making sure that when we sell them, we have enough products available.

We’ve also set up our own Twitter and Facebook account so it’s easier for us to get in contact with everyone!

And we’re excited to announce that we have our first personalized shirt for a Music Artist that we’re going to be showing you really soon! We’re hoping to get as much more clients to help us gain more popularity for our products to be noticed.

April 14, 2011

Visit Us!!

We are posting our images of our latest prints on t-shirts for you to see.

Our website is linked to it for you to look!


April 08, 2011

Coming to the last set of Hurdles!!

1st April 2011

Last week in our t-shirt project we decide that we are going to rent a stall and sell our product on a stall ourselves than sell to a store. This means that we have had to contact stall management at Camden and research into prices and times. Also that we need to look into Public Liberty Insurance to sell our product on a stall. We also added some new images to the design such as the pigeons and foxes to symbolise London. The next step for us is to print more t-shirts and bags ready to sell them.

8 April 2011

This week we have printed some more designs onto t-shirts. We received some sample paper from Magic Touch to trial as well, which we shall trial next week as our printer would not take the paper but on the good hand we are still printing more of our designs out for you to see! We have come up with sale ideas on our tees that will be displayed on our etsy site very soon. Hopefully next we shall be getting a lot more designs printed and on our site for you to see.

March 25, 2011

Final Printing the T-shirts

In the past two weeks we have completed a lot of tasks.

Last week we completed the designs by using photoshop to tidy them up and print them onto transfer paper ready to be placed onto the t-shirts, bags and mugs. we also used a mug press to sample how our mug design would come out . Last week we had issues with the printing were the designs came out smudged, so we had to find other alternatives and we are still seeking other alternatives.

This week we have started to print our designs onto bags and t-shirts. We have manage to get some free samples of new printing paper to solve our problem with the printing, but the situation is still not resolved. The printing team are now reviewing the final designs and discussing changes that could be made, and how to make them better. Our first listings are now on "etsy". We are looking forward to our first sale!

Oh and we have some good news... our project manager is PREGNANT

March 10, 2011

Another week...

In the previous week we have done loads and loads more market research. As you can see it does take much of our time, as this is a vital part of the process.

The production team where doing trial T-shirts, and testing the transfer paper to see how it comes out. Also, people where transferring the designs onto the transfer paper from the colour printer. Some scans of deigns and sketches where made and we made a collage.

We got to stage 2 of logo designs, which conclude with 3 possibilities of our company logo, which we are holding a vote for. The graphic design team where editing drawings on Photoshop and just cleaning the edges up.

And the promotion team set up a Facebook for our logo!

March 03, 2011

Research, Printing and Laughter.

Last week we carried on our market research and two of us visited Hampstead, but we found there were not so many boutiques or gift shops mostly high street shops. We have learnt by market research the best place to sell our T-shirts is Camden as it has a lot of gift shops and our design of T-shirt will fit in well in Camden rather than Hampstead. We completed more design on photo shop and printing on transfer paper to print on T-shirts . We tested our designs on different coloured T-shirts to see how it affects the design.

Isha took some photos of people modelling the T-shirts. After many weeks of designing and researching we are excited to finally get our designs on the shirts and looking forward to getting them out in the streets and selling them.

February 18, 2011

Trolling through...

The weather is really grey and dull, but somehow the atmosphere with us today seems to be cheerful hehe.
So.... today our task is to look at all the shops in the area and find out who will be interested in buying our shirts and also the creative group are coming up with ideas. Some of us are making phone calls and doing research while the rest of us are coming up with designs for our new upcoming logo that will be on here for you to see too.

Random words and phrases people have said today ...
''extraordinary surviving camp''
''too early''
''i dont want my eyelashes to fall off''
''ahh look a cannon''
''hard work''

February 17, 2011

What we have done so far

We are designing t-shirts to do with London Icons with a quirky design to it and possibly sell them locally. The first thing we all did, was research London icons and drew them out, to give us ideas for our T-shirts.

We gave our ideas a twist to make the theme of london more interesting. We looked at the prices of hiring a stall at Camden Market and other places, to sell our T-shirts. We have focused a lot on market research mainly online and also getting out and about to find out information.

We have also started testing T-shirt prints to see how our designs come out. We talked about what we like and don't like and how we can make it better. We have also discussed the designs for the finishing product and what needs to be changed.