March 25, 2011

Final Printing the T-shirts

In the past two weeks we have completed a lot of tasks.

Last week we completed the designs by using photoshop to tidy them up and print them onto transfer paper ready to be placed onto the t-shirts, bags and mugs. we also used a mug press to sample how our mug design would come out . Last week we had issues with the printing were the designs came out smudged, so we had to find other alternatives and we are still seeking other alternatives.

This week we have started to print our designs onto bags and t-shirts. We have manage to get some free samples of new printing paper to solve our problem with the printing, but the situation is still not resolved. The printing team are now reviewing the final designs and discussing changes that could be made, and how to make them better. Our first listings are now on "etsy". We are looking forward to our first sale!

Oh and we have some good news... our project manager is PREGNANT

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