April 08, 2011

Coming to the last set of Hurdles!!

1st April 2011

Last week in our t-shirt project we decide that we are going to rent a stall and sell our product on a stall ourselves than sell to a store. This means that we have had to contact stall management at Camden and research into prices and times. Also that we need to look into Public Liberty Insurance to sell our product on a stall. We also added some new images to the design such as the pigeons and foxes to symbolise London. The next step for us is to print more t-shirts and bags ready to sell them.

8 April 2011

This week we have printed some more designs onto t-shirts. We received some sample paper from Magic Touch to trial as well, which we shall trial next week as our printer would not take the paper but on the good hand we are still printing more of our designs out for you to see! We have come up with sale ideas on our tees that will be displayed on our etsy site very soon. Hopefully next we shall be getting a lot more designs printed and on our site for you to see.

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